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On Friday, international products trading Trafigura property introduced deepens its business ties with the tanker David Fredriksen section, First line, by means of a purchase-lease contract for 10 trucks. Frontline Commissary, Military Service will buy 15 new Suezmax built Malay equipped with wear gas scrubbers Trafigura, expenditures with a mixture of about Bucks130 million in first line gives to Bucks550 million in cash income. The share issue will give up 5% 8. Trafigura frontline. While you can take control of the proceedings in the ships quickly will charter their Frontline Trafigura borne morning about Bucks12,1000 each before the transaction is DayPlus extension ladder completed. Following the change is complete, Frontline charter ships half returning to Trafigura almost all Bucks28,1000 days, and also an arrangement revealing 50 percent of income. The agreement consists of choice for Frontline for maybe four new Suezmax China built from Trafigura after the following month. In the statement, Pachelbel Rasmus Nielsen, world head of the expedition wet volume Trafigura, said that part of the transaction is a container has done wonders for this organization in the past - "engage in property infrastructure for flow products and then work together with a leading market .. to maintain ample use of these assets for your business enterprise. " Nielsen said that Trafigura provides business perspective tanker dirty due to weak buying guide, an aging marine movement and a boom in the Ough. Ersus. Trafigura Sells 10

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