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An Ocala seafood bistro was deactivated for the third time in 2010. Any adverse health technician ordered the Louie's seafood and seafood pub to temporarily close its doors last week shortly after getting twenty-four violations - twelve of which were considered a high or advanced goal for beginners. The restaurant, located at 1900 Azines This Tree Avenue. , has also been temporarily closed. March your five after having a dead rat was perfectly located in the kitchen area and once again, on May 7, when repeated high-purpose violations of the rodent and rodent droppings were discovered. The closing of the last week came as a result of a multitude of violations, which are essentially the most egregious, and which have been described as high goals and focused on meal temperatures and cockroach problems. The technician made a stop-dirty on the soup, the feta cheese mozzarella and lettuce cut shortly after probably causing serious temperature problems in a colder room. And 24 towel bar at towelbar a purchase was presented to snow only seafood that was kept in the cold. The technician also gave some high goal violations for the presence of roaches and other insects. A living cockroach was found in a colder spot behind the pub, close to the kitchen sink, close to the device. Mouse waste has been seen in many places, such as hard dung on the ground around the eater's emergency radiator. With a small toad was seen under the woods of the same region. A final case of abuse was given for the classification of drinking water around the back door near fences. A web server informed the technician that the cleaning buckets were emptied at the top of the land near the garbage, which caused concern, a written report was recorded with the claims of the Office of Business and Regulatory Experts Fl.

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